Is The FDA Trying to Kill You?…Can You Handle the Truth?

90% of all the food and legal drugs available in the United States are filled with highly toxic substances that cause cancer and other fatal diseases. What makes it worse, is that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved these food and drugs as safe for us to ingest into our bodies.

The other mind boggling fact is that the GMO products in our supermarkets are not even labeled and the FDA approves this too.

This is hard for us to hear. It is difficult for rational and sane individuals to believe that anything on this scale could actually be happening around the world. That’s why its so easy to dismiss this, without bothering to really examine the evidence and to look around you to see that it is indeed happening.


rats don't eat gmo corn
rats don’t eat gmo corn

Genetically Modified Foods

Food behemoth Monsanto is the leader in GMOs (genetically modified produce). It is interesting that Monsanto has a canteen at its headquarters without any GMO produce based upon the demands of its employees. While it doesn’t feel the need to label its GMO foods for the rest of the world, it has done so for its own employees, who are definitely in a position to know how unhealthy GMO foods really are. GMO foods are not healthy. That much is pretty clear. And they are in just about all of our foods even though we don’t know it.

If you research this in detail you’ll see that the pesticides and the other GM crops that Monsanto have created are believed to be the reason why the bees are dying off. It seems that many countries worldwide are banning their GMO products. The United States is one of the few countries who religiously pushes this stuff on its unsuspecting population. The reason for this is…ofcourse, the money. It is no secret government officials get millions of dollars of kick-backs from Monsanto, everyone has a price.

gmo salmon
gmo salmon

FDA Ignores 2 Million+ People Against the Approval of GMO Salmon

The Center for Food Safety as well as additional plaintiffs plan to sue the US Food and Drug Administration over its recent approval of AquaBounty’s AquaAdvantage® salmon for human consumption. As far as consumption goes, this is the first genetically modified animal to receive the agency’s green light.

The transgenic salmon was approved for sale and consumption by the FDA even though millions of Americans and 40 members of congress opposed it. Additionally, more than 300 environmental, civic, and animal welfare organizations, as well as supermarkets, have made their opposition vocal as well.

Andrew Kimbrell, executive director of Center for Food Safety said:

The fallout from this decision will have enormous impact on the environment. Center for Food Safety has no choice but to file suit to stop the introduction of this dangerous contaminant.”

In a shocking refusal to listen to consumer complaints and concerns, the agency has supported biotech interests once again while ignoring public health. Receiving more responses than the agency has ever had to wade through, 2 million people made remarks during the FDA’s open comment period concerning the GM fish.

Kimbrell continued:

The review process by FDA was inadequate, failed to fully examine the likely impacts of the salmon’s introduction, and lacked a comprehensive analysis. This decision sets a dangerous precedent, lowering the standards of safety in this country. CFS will hold FDA to their obligations to the American people.”

AquaBounty has also been accused of failing to follow basic environmental regulations in Panama, where the experimental fish are being raised after being shipped there from Prince Edward Island in Canada. Environmental groups have sued Canada’s government for allowing the GE salmon eggs to be produced there, potentially putting ecosystems and species such as wild salmon at risk.

One study has already proven that the GM salmon can successfully mate with wild brown trout, an entirely different species of fish, conceivably putting much marine life in jeopardy.

Unfortunately, this GMO creation will not even be labeled.


ANIMALS FED GMOs Have Sterile Grandchildren - Rat Tumor
ANIMALS FED GMOs Have Sterile Grandchildren – Rat Tumor

FDA Approved Drugs

Here are the most expensive drugs in the United States:

• Soliris, $409,500 per year
• Elaprase, $375,000 per year
• Naglazyme, $365,000 per year
• Cinryze, $350,000 per year
• ACTH, $300,000 for two courses of treatment
• Folotyn, $30,000 per month
• Myozyme, $100,000 per year for children, $300,000 for adults
• Arcalyst, $250,000 per year
• Ceredase/Cerezyme, $200,000 per year
• Fabrazyme, $200,000 per year
• Aldurazyme, $200,000

Why are they so expensive? Because they save lives AND because of the costs it took to get them through the FDA. Whether your market is a million people or 1000 people – the costs ($2 billion) to get through the FDA are the same. So if you are in a small market (Soliris saves about 6000 people a year – a small market – from Paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria) then you have to charge a lot for your drug.

Many reasons are being bandied about for the dearth of new drugs: Research is becoming more expensive, thus pharmaceutical companies are finding the cost/benefit risks too high; we are overusing antibiotics, thereby reducing their potency too quickly. But the chief villain is the FDA.

In Antibiotics: The Perfect Storm (Springer, 2010) David M. Shlaes lays it out. “Regulatory agencies like the FDA are contributing to the problem with a constant barrage of clinical trial requirements that make it harder, slower and more costly to develop antibiotics. Another bad guy: “The National Institutes of Health was for many years [biased] against funding antibiotic research.

Shlaes knows whereof he speaks. He has spent his professional life as a first-rate researcher, studying antibiotics. He also works with patients and has created innovative applications of various medicines to save people who would otherwise have perished. He has worked for pharmaceutical companies and has had to cope with the FDA.

fda approved prescription drugs death comparison

The FDA, for instance, will capriciously change its rules in the middle of an expensive clinical trial, suddenly telling a company that it must add thousands of new patients to the tests. Even when trials are successfully completed the FDA is reluctant to give a new drug the green light.

Normally if big companies can’t respond to an opportunity or a need in health care–or anywhere else–entrepreneurial startups will leap in. But small companies are even more disadvantaged by the FDA’s increasingly horrific bureaucratic roadblocks.

Hence, today we are faced with a potential catastrophe. Lethal bacteria now threaten to colonize U.S. hospitals. Fearsome germs that are resistant to our current antibiotic arsenal include MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), which currently kills nearly 20,000 Americans a year. An even more dangerous genetic mutation is NDM-1 (New Delhi metallo-betalactamase 1). If nothing is done, we will soon be facing a bacterial apocalypse. The horrors that we thought were banished 70 years ago are coming back to haunt us.

According to the Center for Disease Control: prescription drugs now kill more than heroin and cocaine combined. The War on Drugs needs to be aimed at the U.S. government.

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