3 Smart Eating Tips To Help You Lose Weight

To help you lose weight, these three smart weight-loss tips will help you put things in perspective and make you focus on the bigger picture.

When it comes to shedding pounds or getting healthy, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. And that’s good news because you can pick and choose the tricks that fit your lifestyle.


1. Repeat, repeat, repeat

healthy breakfast - egg white omelet with veggies & whole-wheat toast
healthy breakfast – egg white omelet with veggies & whole-wheat toast

Don’t feel bad or uncreative about eating the same healthy meal or snack every day. Research shows that successful long-term weight-loss maintainers actually share this habit. (It’s less work and stress overall.) Figure out a handful of meals you like and put them into a rotation.


2. Fill up on fiber first

eat fiber first - cauliflower rice
eat fiber first – cauliflower rice

Begin with a vegetable first course—a plate of crispy crudité, a salad, or a vegetable soup—at lunch and dinner. Veggies are packed with fiber and water, a power pair that helps fill you up for not many calories, so you’re less likely to load up on heavier fare later.


3. Use the three-day journal trick

keep a three-day journal
keep a three-day journal

It’s easy to veer off course when life throws you a curveball. Get back in control fast by writing down your food, drinks, and exercise for three consecutive days, so you’re better able to hold yourself accountable and can spot areas that need a tuneup.

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3 smart eating tips to help you lose weight